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Despite a demanding career in the corporate tech sales world, my entrepreneurial spirit and desire to inspire other women led me to create "Modern Day Fox," an online presence dedicated to empowering the modern woman. Recognizing the transformative power of makeup, I embraced the opportunity to become a Seint Artist, allowing me to help women accentuate their natural beauty and boost confidence. This platform gives me the opportunity to provide tutorials, tips, and nurture a supportive community where women can connect, learn, and celebrate their unique beauty. ​I am a dedicated wife and mother of two tween boys, juggling multiple passions while working full-time. In addition to my love of all things beauty, my first love is music. I began singing as a child growing up in Frederick, MD, eventually landing in the great city of Nashville, TN in 1999 to pursue a career as a professional singer. I still perform and record to this day, and music is a huge part of my everyday life. In fact, it was through my years of experience in the entertainment industry that I fell in love with personal imaging. I began to shoot portrait photography and I enjoy helping others create their own "brand." ​I understand it may seem I do "too much," but every single thing I choose to do ties back to my mission. I want to show that it is entirely possible for a woman to balance home and work obligations while also fully pursuing her passions. I recognize the importance of lifting others up and using my voice, skills, and platform to advocate for progress, self-love, and empowerment. I have a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of other women and to inspire them to pursue their dreams unapologetically. I hope you find that here!


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