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Ultimate Reset - Day 10

I made it through another day successfully! I wasn't especially hungry today and I'm wondering if I had enough calories. I feel ok, but I am a little worried about my workout in the morning. I felt strong at today's workout- well, as strong as someone can feel when they are waddling through a bunch of new exercises at a very fast pace. Grace is not my middle name.

Today I repeated some meals from yesterday to make things a little easier on me. I loved the dinner from last night so much that I wanted to have it again! For my fruit breakfast, I blended it up and froze it. I used my Ninja Creami to make a delicious smoothie bowl. It was a nice change from the fruit bowl.

Here's a breakdown of my meals for the day:

Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Roasted Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Bisque

Pinto Rice and Beans with Mexican Cauli Rice

Apple and Blueberries

I am feeling very optimistic about tbis cleanse. I have so much going with my family and home right now that it is making the days go by incredibly fast.

Check out my new bedroom. Our bed comes tomorrow!

That's all for today. I'm gonna catch that beauty sleep and hope that I wake up feeling stro

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