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Ultimate Reset - Day 11

I'm halfway through!! I feel like it's flying by and I'm so proud that I've made this far with no major flubs. Im especially proud tonight because I had a work dinner and managed to stay on track. We went to a really nice steakhouse called Perry's. I was with four men and they of course ordered all the good stuff. As a foodie, it stung a bit not to try everything. I held strong though and kept thinking about how much I want to feel better. I reminded myself over and over again that my health means more than this meal. I can have a meal like that anytime I want, so it's not like I'm truly missing out. That probably sounds a little braggadocio but I'm constantly taking clients to meals. It's part of my job, and it's hard to be "good."

I looked ahead at the menu and saw they had some vegan options. I had already decided I would order the Spaghetti Squash Primavera. I also ordered a beet and grapefruit salad and asked them to leave off the feta mousse. I skipped the cocktails and had a sparkling water with a splash of cranberry and then water the rest of the night. It was nice leaving the dinner not feeling like a slug.

I had vegetable sushi today for lunch. The white rice was a little off plan but I needed something easy in the midst of a crazy day at our house. I put a little leftover edamame guacamole on each piece and it was so good!

Here's a look at today's menu

Fruit bowl (watermelon, apple, kiwi, grapes and blueberries)

Veggie Sushi and Edamame Guacamole

Beet and Grapefruit Salad

Spaghetti Squash Primavera

I'm still pretty tired though out the day. It could be a lot of things. School for the kids means waking up earlier. Stressing over my quarterly review next week. The stress of the reno project. Working out while eating less. I'm sure all of it contributes to my heavy eyes throughout the day.

Heading bed and ready to slay tomorrow!

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