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Ultimate Reset - Day 14

Two weeks in, friends! I had a good day today in terms of productivity. I spent the entire day today and half of yesterday, organizing my closet in my new bedroom. I did find myself daydreaming a lot today about eating off plan. I wasn't tempted, but I definitely thought about the different things I would like to eat. I really hope that I can stay with the healthy eating after I complete this reset. At the same time, I would like to incorporate different foods into my diet besides vegetables. But, that's probably how I got here in the first place. 🙃

I decided to visit a plant-based friendly restaurant tonight for dinner. We have a chain called Core Life eatery with a location here in Murfreesboro where I live. It's not my first choice of where I would go out to eat on a Saturday night, but I knew they would have dishes that would fit in with the reset requirements. I ordered a dish with ginger tofu, kale and quinoa. Technically, I'm not supposed to be eating any soy but I felt comfortable with my choice. I'm sick of beans and needed a protein source. I feel comfortable with my decision.

For my snack today, I made an avocado and Mango salad with mint. It was absolutely delicious. Im gonna have it again tomorrow.

Here's a look at today's menu:

Fruit Bowl

Vegetable Potato Soup and Salad

Ginger Tofu Kale Quinoa Bowl

Mint Mango Avocado Salad

Looking forward to week three ahead and finishing up strong. I know Tuesday is going to be a tough day for me because I have work events the entire day. I'll do my best that day, but it may be the day almost off plan. I plan to do a little meal prep tomorrow in order to try to set myself up for success as much as possible. I still feel good about my decision to do this reset!

Until tomorrow...

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