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Ultimate Reset - Day 15

I woke up this morning not feeling great. I think my allergies really kicked in. I had a terrible headache and a weird feeling in my throat. Although you are not supposed to take any unprescribed medication during the reset, I took an allergy pill and a couple aspirin. I also woke up really early, like 5:45 AM, and I've been pretty tired all day. I've also felt very hungry, but I've tried curbing any cravings by munching on some watermelon. Watermelon has been my saving grace. I find just eating a couple small pieces scratches that sweetness craving itch. As I'm sitting here typing this out, my headache has returned and I'm just not feeling very good.

I did well with my food today. Instead of having servings of grains at both lunch and dinner, I had brown rice and veggies at lunch and made the sweet potato bisque with cauli-rice and pinto beans for dinner. I also made the edamame guacamole again and had a little spoonful with dinner.

Here's a breakdown of the menu for today:

Fruit smoothie bowl

Basmati brown rice and vegetables

Sweet potato bisque and cauli-rice and pinto beans

Mango Avocado Salad

I think part of my tiredness is the weight of the stress of my upcoming quarterly review on Tuesday. I cannot stand doing the PowerPoint for the review. I feel like I always make mistakes, and I can never truly show my handle on the business. I'm coming off a very successful year, but it's always the pressure of trying to repeat it that just stresses me out. I know that's part of the sales life. But, it is stressful nonetheless. Maybe I'll feel better on Wednesday when it's behind me!

Oh, I forgot to mention my week 2 results! I'm down 6.2 lbs from day one. I'll leave you with this progress photo:

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