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Ultimate Reset - Day 17

I did it. I survived my quarterly review. It went well and I'm thrilled it is over! I wasn't able to eat my fruit for breakfast until it was over at 11am. It worked out well though because by that time everyone was eating lunch. They brought in a taco bar with rice and beans and salad for lunch. I waited until about 1 and had some black beans on lettuce topped with salsa. It was pretty gross, to be honest. The true test came at dinner. If you remember in past posts, I had already prepared myself that I wouldn't be able to stay on plan for this dinner. The only vegan options they had was Beyond burgers or a fake chicken dish. Since those options are highly processed, I went with the salmon and asparagus. I also got a side of mushrooms. I skipped cocktails and had Perrier with a splash of cranberry. I feel good about those choices.

Here's a look at my meals:

Fruit bowl

Lettuce with black beans and salsa

Salmon with a side of mushrooms

I have to tell you that my stomach hurt BAD on my way home. Not sure what caused it- maybe excess salt or oil.

I'm mentally exhausted right now and so glad to be in bed!

Four days to go!

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