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Ultimate Reset - Day 18

I have to say that I am feeling pretty comfortable at this point. I feel like I've done better with this reset than all the other ones previously attempted. I always made it through to the end on the other ones, but I usually cut corners a little bit more. This week, I have tried to stick to the "no grains" rule of the week three diet. I have had grain a couple of the days, but not every day. In the other resets, that I've done, I did eat grains everyday during the last week.

I had another business lunch out today. That is the one thing about this that is difficult for me. Part of my job, as I mentioned before, is entertaining and going out to eat often. But, I did as I always do and looked ahead at the menu so that I would know what to order. I saw that they had a black bean burger as an option, so I ordered that with a side salad and no bun. It was actually very good. I was worried that the burger would have a lot of filler in it, but it was beans and corn, and not much else. I felt very satisfied with this meal. It was certainly better than my lunch the day before.

I was sitting with a group of six people. As it turns out, three of the six are taking some form of semaglutide (Ozempic, Monjaurno, etc. Only one had diabetes. The other two had lost quite a bit of weight in a short amount of time. I have to admit that these kinds of meds are very tempting. But, the thought I keep coming back to is what happens when you get off the medication. Unless you truly dedicate yourself to changing the way you eat and working out, I can't imagine that the wheat wouldn't just come back on. One guy was making that effort and one was not. There's no judgement here, by the way. I support anyone trying to be healthier. I just think we ignore the mental part of it. If we aren't curing the reason why we are eating so much so often, then nothing will change without the medication in play. That's why I chose to take this route instead of the medication. I know I can do this with discipline. (I also know that not everyone can.)

I got on a tangent there, sorry! Here's a look at the menu today:

Fruit Bowl

Black bean patty and salad

Vegetable Potato Soup

Dates with peanut butter

I also worked out today and felt pretty good! I'm enjoying Burn Boot Camp a lot and becoming a little more comfortable with the people there. A lot of them have been working out there for a long time and it's easy to feel like an outsider. I really like the trainer, Sam. He has a warm demeanor and I like our banter. All the trainers there are really kind.

Ohhhhh- I forgot!!! I lost another pound today! That makes a 7lb loss so far! I am hoping for 10 but will be happy with however it turns out.

Three more days!

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