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Ultimate Reset - Day 3

The fatigue has hit me pretty hard this Reset. I am not struggling with the eating part, but I definitely feel like my energy levels are low. It's challenging to write these blog entries at the end of the day too!

Today's meals were pretty good. I wasn't crazy about the Brazilian Avocado shake though. I had to add two stevia packets to it. It was just bland. For lunch, I ended up eating the leftover pinto beans and rice from Sunday with an arugula salad. I am switching my meal plan around a bit to be careful about eating my produce before it goes bad. That's not my strong suit! Dinner was the brown rice sushi roll and miso soup I had planned. Here's how it looked:

Brazilian Avocado Shake

Pinto Beans and Brown Rice with Arugula Salad

Greek Yogurt with Blueberries

Sushi Roll with Miso Soup and Cucumbers

Aside from the fatigue, I am also going to the bathroom more than usual and am a bit bloated. That's to be expected as I haven't eaten this volume of vegetables in a long time.

On a brighter note, my workouts are going well. I workout in a fasted state. In fact, I've unintentionally incorporated a bit of intermittent fasting with 16:8 window (16 hours no food with an 8 hour eating window). It will be interesting to see if this gives me better results this time around.

I'll leave you with a beautiful sunset that graced our Tennessee skies tonight. It was nice to stop and take in that beauty for a second. My mind is another thing I need to "reset!"

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