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Ultimate Reset - Day 5

Far less bloated today, thank goodness!

Today was the first day I had a business lunch meeting. I decided to get the tuna tartare appetizer and a side of balsamic marinated tomatoes. Tuna is not listed on the Reset menu anywhere, but that was the lightest, freshest option I could find. I only ate three of the crackers that came with it which would equal about the amount of grains I was supposed to have for that meal. I felt good about the decision. I know there are three meals (including this one) where I have to eat in restaurants with customers. I made peace with that before starting and decided to make the choices that felt best to me. I am doing really well with this and am feeling better each day. I'm not going to beat myself up for having to make adjustments to accommodate my job responsibilities.

Here's a look at today's food:

Avocado Ranchero

Tuna Tartare, 3 lavish 5 spice crackers and marinated balsamic tomatoes

Cauliflower Ceviche Tostito

Apple and Walnuts

Both of the Mexican recipes were from the new Reset recipe guide called Tastes from Around the World. This new guide has been a lifesaver for me. I like the food so much better this time!

My workouts are going really well. I am admittedly worried about next week when the menu becomes a little more limited with the grains and protein options. There were two workouts this week where I burned 500 calories! That's crazy for me, but I'm loving it!

I need to stop and put a reminder in here that you are advised to not workout during these 3 weeks. The creators of the Reset suggest you do yoga (a 21 day program is included) or super low impact exercise. I have made the personal decision to workout. I am resetting my mindset for nutrition and for exercise, and that's what this is all about for me. I've done it to the letter in the past, and I do think it is important to follow it as written at least once. After that, you will know what you want to gain from these 21 days.

Here's what I want to gain:

A renewed love for cooking and prepping healthy food

A sustainable workout program that brings me joy and results

A clear mind

A positive outlook and attitude

Better focus

Better sleep

Release of ten lbs of weight

Starting my 47th year feeling my very best

Stay tuned to see if get there!


these two are at the heart of every choice I make. ❤️

See ya tomorrow!

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