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Ultimate Reset - Day 7

It's the end of week one, son!! While I'm excited to be wrapping up the first week of the Reset, I'm also pretty nervous about how I fare with the restrictions of week 2 and 3. For example, every morning I'm supposed to only eat fruit for breakfast from here on out. That is, unless of course I want to swap in mashed chickpeas for breakfast. I do not. I'm going to take it day by day and try to stay close to the plan while also listening to my body.

This morning I weighed in one pound less than the previous day. That's about a 4 lb drop since day 1. I'm excited to be moving in the right direction! As a reminder, the Ultimate Reset is not advertised as a weight loss program and that is not at all the focus. However, due to the dietary and caloric changes combined with natural cleansing of the bowels, some people do experience weight release. One of my goals for the program is to lose weight and I'm being upfront about that with you. I'm hoping to drop ten pounds and retrain my body to crave healthy food and my mind to want to prepare it.

Today, I was still fighting some fatigue and was pretty grumpy. I did my best to try to contain my grumpiness, but I'm fairly certain everyone in my family noticed at some point in the day. I hate being in a bad mood and felt guilty about it. My 9 year old gave me a lot of extra attention today, and even gave me a "spa night" this evening. I am a lucky mom!!

My food was tasty today. I had Farina this morning since it would be the last day I could have grains in the morning. Lunch was leftovers. My snack was the Edamame Guacamole from A Taste of the World. It was very good though I did spice it up a little bit and added fresh salsa. For dinner, I had the Tempeh Fajitas. I won't lie- tempeh is rough. You absolutely must marinate it. It's best air-fried and tonight I figured out that diced it up in very small pieces makes it much more palatable.

Here's a breakdown of the day:

Farina with apple and walnuts

Vegetable Curry with a few cashews (I decided to add those for a little fat, not in recipe)

Edamame Guacamole with Raw veggies

Tempeh Fajitas and Watermelon

I think next week I may do some repeat dinners to make it easier for me. School is starting for the kids and it's going to be a very busy week for multiple reasons. As my sons keeping telling me, "You got this, Mommy!"

I'll provide my week one results in tomorrow's post.

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