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Ultimate Reset - Day 19

Well, only two more days to go. I can't believe it. This seems like it has gone by really fast and it hasn't been nearly as hard as I anticipated. I feel really good about how well I've done. I know I said that yesterday, but I just feel proud of myself. That's a good feeling in itself, let alone the positive affects of the reset on my body.

I felt like I slept for a really long time last night, even though it was my normal amount of hours. Tonight will be our first night in our new sleep number bed and I'm excited about that! I still am feeling pretty sleepy mid day, so I don't know what that's about. I keep hoping for that burst of energy that everyone else who has done the resets as they feel. I'm not exactly dragging, but mid day I can hardly keep my eyes open. It's about the time that I would pop open a diet cherry Coke, to be honest. I haven't really decided whether I will introduce caffeine back into my diet immediately or not. I can't imagine a world where I never have another cup of coffee, I shouldn't be drinking as much as I was. I was regularly having 2 cups of coffee and a diet soda every day. That's not good.

I wasn't very hungry today. For dinner, I just had more of the leftover sweet potato bisque. I treated myself to dates and peanut butter for my snack just to get a little fat at the end of the day. Hey, it's plant based! 😊

Here's a look at my meals:

Fruit Smoothie Bowl

Mexican Cauli-rice and Quino Rice

Sweet Potato Bisque

Dates with Peanut Butter

It's been a really long day. Tonight was the open house at the middle school for my seventh grader. Such a busy time of year getting back into the swing of school and all the things that come with that. I'm ready to turn in for the night. Stay tuned for the next two days as I wrap this thing up!

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