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Ultimate Reset - The Results are In!

I woke up this morning very relieved to be able have something different than fruit. I made banana oat pancakes and they were delicious! I had an amazing toasted veggie tempeh bacon sandwich for lunch. That is something I've been craving! I love sandwiches. For dinner, I had a black bean and rice Mexican bowl with tofu crumbles and mango salsa. I had a banana applesauce muffin for a snack along with one energy ball from the BODi recipes. I definitely ate more today, but I kept it all super healthy.

And, now for the results. Here's how it turned out for me:

-7.8 lbs

Measurements (in inches)

Bust -.5

Upper abs -.5

Bellybutton -.5

Love handles -.5

Butt -1

Thigh -.5

Calf 0

Bicep unflex and flexed -.5

I'm very happy with these results! Everything about me is better right now. I have the desire to continue and see if I can achieve my healthiest weight. That means dropping another 7 lbs. Do you think I can do it? I do!!

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