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Ultimate Rest - Day 1

Today I finally kicked off the Reset! I decided to wait until today since my husband and I were invited to a party last night. I wanted to enjoy myself and not feel slighted all night. I had gone grocery shopping on Wed thinking the kit would arrive that day, but it ended up coming on Friday.

One thing I did last week was write out the plan for the week. Some things will inevitably change, but I was able to prep and prepare from this plan.

We ended up bringing dinner to my in-laws so I traded the day one dinner for the day two dinner. The Southwestern tacoes are easy to pack and heat up. I enjoyed it, even while watching everyone else gobble down spaghetti and breadsticks.

Here's what I had today:

Two eggs , arugula, low carb whole wheat wrap

Micro Greens Salad and Miso Soup

Southwestern Tacos and 1/4 avocado

Plain yogurt with blueberries

About 60 oz of water

I hit a slump around 2:30 and it was hard to stay awake. Actually, I'm fighting sleep as we speak! I felt better after the tacos. I am so thankful I quit caffeine a week or so ago. Fighting that on top of stopping sugar is A LOT.

I was pretty productive today with housework and that felt great. Maybe I'm turning over a new leaf!

Tomorrow when I'm not falling asleep as I type, I'll provide more info on what the program involves! I can't keep my eyes open a single minute longer!

XO Jaime

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